Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Urban Botanic has the Perfect Gift for the Woman That Has Everything...

This is so cool! Don't you hate shopping for people that have everything? (especially women) Well I can bet she doesn't have anything like this.

Urban Botanic has 6 awesome Signature Fragrance Collections to choose from depending on her personality.

Is she a FLORAL?
Makes the best of herself physically. Highly skilled at flirting. Lover of the arts. Big dreamer...full of fantasies.

Is she FRUITY?
The perfect employee. The very best organizer on the planet. True blue friends. Generally traditional but she has a rebellious streak.

Is she HERBY?
Salt of the earth - she loves to serve others. Loves to stay home. Great at listening. Keeps a calendar specifically for birthdays.

Is she LEAFY?
Intellectual. Loves to learn and knows a lot about everything. Profoundly creative. Spends a lot of time thinking.

Is she SPICY?
Animated and spontaneous. Over the top reactions to everything. Mello-dramatic. Shops 'til she drops. Sparkling and loving. she WOODSY?
Stong and independent, knows what she wants. Loves to help in causes for environment or the needy. Harmonizer and healer. Tremendous patience.

Whatever her scent personality, there is a fragrance collection for her. There are six specially selected oils that match her personality that she can use to create over 44,000 different fragrance blends. She will also get one bottle each of unscented perfume, lotion and shower gel and step by step instructions on blending and designing a fragrance of her very own. She even gets to name it!

For the future, she can get more unscented product at 15% off...for life!

So...if there is a woman in your life that has everything or is just hard to buy for...this is the perfect gift. To order... ...she'll love it!!!!!

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